What is it?

Carbide Lime is a Calcium Hydroxide product, produced as a result from the combination of water and Calcium Carbide in an Acetylene Generator. The chemical reaction between these two elements create Acetylene Gas, which reaches temperatures of up to 190 degrees & pressures of 200 PSI, is agitated frequently to assure the release of all Acetylene possible.

The slurry also benefits from this procedure in that particle size is reduced dramatically, allowing total saturation of lime molecules. The Lime Slurry is then pumped into a storage tank or retention pond where it is held until it is shipped out to water treatment plants or construction sites.

How Do You Use It?

The Most common use for Carbide Lime is soil stabilization, although it is also widely used for acid neutralization on agricultural land. For soil stabilization, it is recommended TX Dot Item 264 specifications for “Type B Commercial Grade Slurry” to be followed and the 72 hour cure period be recognized. Carbide Lime is readily reactive with all types of clay soils native to the coastal bend regions of Texas & Louisiana. Since production is basically local, and Carbide Lime is a co-product, cost is Significantly reduced, making it an economically sound choice.

Limeco, Inc. has supplied Carbide Lime for over 20 years. Our list of successful projects using Carbide Lime is long, including The Fountains Mall on Hwy 59, as well as a large portion of Cinco Ranch. Customers who use Carbide Lime are very satisfied with its results and know well its economic leverage. Limeco, Inc. maintains quality through constant laboratory testing, and weight checks on every load.

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